Maria Elizabeth holds a Master Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from The Manhattan School of Music, New York, where she also studied composition.

Maria Elizabeth is the author of the guitar instruction books “Grib Guitaren 1& 2”, which are partly inspired by the renowned American Professor, Aaron Shearer, who taught at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. She was introduced to Mr. Shearer´s principles by guitarist, Oren Fader, who was her guitar instructor at The Manhattan School of Music. The books also contain advice which are developed from her own experience, as well as etudes written by Maria Elizabeth for the publication of the books as well as pieces by other composers.

Maria Elizabeth has played numerous concerts primarily in her native Denmark, however also in Europe and the US. She has given masterclasses and recitals at Hayward University, Sct. Mary´s College and Los Medanos College in the San Francisco area, and returned to The Manhattan School of Music in New York in 2014 to teach her workshop with the curious title “Back into the body –  Back into the instrument” making students aware of how correct playing technique as well as sitting position and correct breathing affects the overall performance, also covering performance anxiety.

In 2011 Maria Elizabeth made her debut as a singer and songwriter. Her first CD “Like a Feather” received extensive airplay on Danish and Scandinavian radios, and her second CD from 2013 “Se med hjertet” (“See with your heart”) was likewise played on radios in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Her single “Ingen kan se det” (“No one can see it”), was co-written with Norwegian song writer, Lars Martin Myhre. The song received airplay on the Danish National Radio, DR, as well as Norwegian National Radio, NRK, and was on the Danish top Charts for seven weeks. The song was also on Chart Base, a Danish hit list, which mentioned it as a “world class hit”.

In 2012 Maria Elizabeth also participated as composer and classical guitarist at the distinguished Hans Christian Andersen Awards.

Maria Elizabeth´s music is currently being downloaded and streamed in 6 European countries, as well as in the US, and can be found on Itunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Maria Elizabeths third album “Circle the Woods” inspired by the book “Circling San Francisco Bay” by American author, Virginia Anderson, will be released August 31.