Dear everyone,

My new album “Circle the Woods” has been released, and I am happy to inform you of all the details surrounding the album. As the booklet cannot be downloaded when the album is purchased online, all booklet information will be available here. Please also take a moment to read the lyrics on the this home page.

Musicians on this album are to a great extent Henrik Balling (bass, keys, electric guitar, percussion) and myself (vocals, classical guitar, keys and percussion). However, we were also joined by the following wonderful musicians: Mikkel Riber, bass. Kim Thomsen, drums. Michael Hartmann, electric guitars. On the song “Love a Thousand Years” the french performer, Alexandre Bourdat, joined us and read the beautiful poem by Paul Verlaine in a perfect articulate French that we couldn´t have read as beautiful ourselves.

This album was mainly inspired by the book “Circling San Francisco Bay” by American author and Psychologist, Virginia Anderson.

Album credits:

Produced by Henrik Balling and Maria Elizabeth Hersing
Engineered by Henrik Balling
Strings on “Need to Connect” written and arranged by Maria Elizabeth Hersing
Strings on “Love a Thousand Years” from a recording of “Also sprach Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss, sampled by Henrik Balling
Live sounds on “Frida´s Feet” recorded in Central Park, New York City by Maria Elizabeth Hersing
Mixed by René Cambony & Tor Kristensen
Mastered by Tor Kristensen
Recorded at Boxen, Copenhagen
Addtional recordings for ”The Wanderer”, ”Frida´s Feet” and “The Stream” at Millfactory, Copenhagen
Photos by Gorm Valentin
Artwork by Pernille Hinderup Jensen
Hair styled by Gun-Britt Coiffure Aps, Copenhagen. Dress by Raben Saloner, Copenhagen.

With deepest thanks to:
– Henrik, Mikkel, Michael, Andreas, Kim, Alexandre, René, Tor and Nikoline for your enthusiastic participation and great dedication to the recording of this album
– Ginny, for granting me permission to write and rewrite lyrics inspired by your book, “Circling San Francisco Bay”, and to Marci for initially sending me the book.
– Gorm for your very special photos and Pernille for your inspiring artwork.

– KODA, DPA and DMF for making this recording possible through invaluable financial support.

In connection with the concert tour “Concert Wandering”, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Marianne Bardenfleth of Vallø Castle, Rasmus Ejrnæs from the University of Århus, as well as the Danish Arts Foundation.

Maria Elizabeth